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Keeping the Kiddos Healthy

Keeping the Kiddos Healthy
September 2017

Summer is heading to an end, and school is back in session. And with that can come sudden and frequent occurrences of cold and respiratory issues spreading from child to child. Once infected, bringing the sickness home can affect the whole family.

So how do you keep your kiddos healthy so they can be resistant to viruses or at the very least get over something quickly? This, of course, is where the immune system plays a huge role. Keeping your child’s, and your, immune system strong and active is the key.

Many parents, at the start of the school year, will include a general multi-vitamin for their child. Depending on age, the form most likely chosen is a gummy. Although a multi-vitamin is a good place to start, be careful when choosing a gummy to make sure it includes no high fructose corn syrup and the nutrient benefits and amounts outweigh the sugar content. I find that the newer Smartypants Kids Complete gummy fits that bill. They include more bioavailable forms of vitamins and add in very valuable fish oils.

Some of the best nutrients to add on top of a multi-vitamin would be both probiotics and some extra vitamin D. Kids of all ages will benefit from these nutrients as they help keep the immune system strong and able to react better in fighting off illness-causing viruses and bacteria. For younger kids these are available in chewable forms.

Depending on age, choose a probiotic that offers from 3 Billion to 15 Billion cultures per serving and vitamin D that offers from 400IU up to 1000IU daily.

Being prepared is important, especially if your child gets sick. Offering remedies quickly can make a big difference in the length and severity of an illness. Make sure you have reputable remedies on hand. Some of the most notable remedies include:

Elderberry extract, also known as Sambucus, is very important to have on hand. Elderberry has been shown to have compounds that help block the activation of influenza viruses. When taken immediately upon showing symptoms of cold or flu, elderberry has been able to cut the severity and shorten the duration significantly. Elderberry could also be taken as a prevention if you know other children are sick at school.

Osha Root Syrup – Osha root has a long history of being especially helpful for helping to clear mucus in the sinuses and lungs and helping to relieve congestion.

Zinc Lozenges – zinc taken in lozenge form to coat the back of the throat has been shown to reduce the number of upper respiratory infections and to shorten the common cold by 3 to 7 days. For best effect this should be taken at the first sign of symptoms.

Some companies will put formulas together especially for your children that will include many of these ingredients. One standout is the Buried Treasure ACF (Acute Cold & Flu) for children.

Either way, being prepared at home can help keep your kids healthy at school.

Brenda Valen, BS, CNC, CNHP